TUF A15 and the Zephyrus G14 are one of the most awaited laptop computers of the year but also for different reasons. TUF A15 was supposed to bring high-end specifications for significantly reduced prices than the competing intel gaming laptop computers.

Whereas the Zephyrus G14 was expected to bring gaming grade components/ requirements in a slim as well as light form element with a reasonably less costly price. There are a great deal of slim and also light gaming laptops but things that separated the G14 is the 14-inch screen as well as smaller overall impact. The G14 is an indirect competitors to the Razer blade 13.

TUF A15 and Zephyrus G14 are kind of indirect competitors from the same brand. Though they are fairly different in their own methods they compete with each other by cost and specifications.

Typical point in between both the laptops is that they are powered by the AMD Ryzen 4000 collection of processors that has a great deal of buzz bordering it and forever reasons.

You could obtain the TUF A15 base model for 20k less than the base design of Zephyrus G14 with the same specs and for the base design prices of Zephyrus G14 you can get TUF A15 with a better CPU and a much better GPU.

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However the inquiry is should you. Here I provide you a detailed evaluation on what need to you pick after using both devices thoroughly.

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Screen Top quality:
144hz vs 120hz:


There are a lot of things that go into a (video gaming) laptop, not just the CPU as well as GPU specifications on paper people argue around.

As a typical and even a pro customer needs to likewise search for various other facets of a laptop.

Though these laptop computers try to offer different functions there are some essential points that prevail between all laptop computers and also they should be done right. However a lot of laptop computers lose out on the basics.

Let me detail points that you should watch out for that I think about important for a laptop. These are not in any kind of order as the concerns for various individuals could be various.

These choices might be different with various laptops and also below are things that these 2 laptop computers compete upon

Develop and Style
Key-board as well as Trackpad
Audio speakers
Battery life
Performance and Thermals
Currently let me give you with one of the most extensive evaluation on the differences in between the TUF A15 and the Zephyrus G14.


Prior to proceeding with the comparison let me get the specs off the beaten track. This is an interesting contrast as both of the laptop computers are carefully matched spec smart even with a few distinctions.

TUF A15:
CPU: Ryzen 5 4600H @ 45W
GPU: GTX 1650ti @ 55W (overclocked 1650).
Storage: 1TB HDD, 256GB SSD.
RAM: 8 GB 3200MHZ.
Display: 15.6-inch @ 144hz.
Price: 69,990 INR (Could be located cheaper).
CPU: Ryzen 5 4600HS @ 35W (Reduced wattage).
GPU: GTX 1650 @ 50W.
Storage Space: 512GB SSD PCIE GEN 3.
RAM: 8GB 3200MHZ.
Display: 14-inch @ 120hz.
Price: 87,000 INR (Varies a whole lot).
Since you have the specifications keep them in the mind progressing also remember of the pricing.


The most significant difference in between these 2 laptops is their layout and build. Let me quick regarding both.


TUF A15 is unmistakably a pc gaming laptop computer from the design viewpoint. It is an angular and also large design with angular leading cover as well as strikes and lines anywhere in the key-board deck.

This is a style that most importantly is focused on a gamer on the move. The thickness is very obvious as it determines at around 25mm and also you can especially feel it when you hold it in your hand.

The Zephyrus G14 has a lot more soft style with clean lines without any angles like the TUF A15. The leading lid has an angled fifty percent of it covered by little holes.

Those little holes have tiny LEDs in them which Asus calls as Anime matrix and can be tailored to present personalized presets according to the user. You can likewise purchase the versions without the anime matrix and also the holes just function as a subtle design aesthetic.

The subtle layout aesthetic of the G14 matches any individual from a player to a working expert. Density is likewise impressively reduced for a laptop computer with gaming parts inside. It measures at simply around 18mm which is much thinner contrasted to the fat young boy TUF A15 and also holding them alongside the distinction is just stark.

You might ask why does the density also matter. Think me it makes a huge distinction in the mobility as well as simplicity of use for individuals who do not utilize the laptops simply on the desks.

I personally like sleek laptop computers with a muted/ very little appearance when contrasted to fancy video gaming laptop computer designs. But if soft appearance is not your jam you may choose the TUF A15.

WINNER: Zephyrus G14.


Build quality is additionally vastly various between both. TUF A15 is created of all plastic whereas the Zephyrus G14 is completely metal Aluminium-Magnesium alloy to be precise.

Plastic construct is not a problem as long as it is rigid and does not have any type of major compromises. The TUF A15 is developed well at the very least on paper. Asus mentions that it has some sort of army grade accreditation which I absolutely think is a joke.

A15 really feels hefty even for a plastic develop. It considers around 2.3 kgs which is alright for a pc gaming laptop computer however considering it is all plastic it is quite hefty.

Key-board deck really feels solid with low flex however the screen wobble is really high as well as I’m not overemphasizing. Entering while putting it on the lap becomes extremely tough due the high screen wobble. The flex in the screen is likewise pretty high however it should not be that large of a trouble.

G14 is a raw contrast to the TUF A15. It is among the most well-built laptops in the marketplace. It is an all metal develop and it likewise evaluates extremely low at simply 1.6 kgs which is lighter and really feels much lighter to hold when contrasted to the heavier plastic integrate in the TUF A15.

Develop quality though is excellent it is not just as good as the CNC machined aluminium in the MacBook’s and also Razer Blades of the globe. The screen wobble is rather reduced however it might be more than you may expect considering its steel develop and there is additionally a substantial amount of screen flex also which is recognizable also when the laptop computer is closed.

Keyboard deck has absolutely no flex and the laptop computer as a whole really feels excellent to hold.

Form factor of the G14 is likewise significantly smaller sized contrasted to the TUF A15. The 14-inch display with the little bezels as well as steel construction lead to the much smaller kind factor which helps dramatically.

For the build quality it is a win by mile to the Zephyrus G14.

CHAMPION: Zephyrus G14.


First obtaining the specifications out of the way, TUF A15 has a larger 15.6 inch screen @ 144hz as well as the Zephyrus G14 has a smaller 14inch screen @ 120hz.

Yeah 14 inches look a lot smaller sized when contrasted to the 15.6 inch display in reality however is not that big of a concern as you would get made use of to the smaller dimension in a while.

Bezels surrounding the screen are likewise smaller in the G14 compared to the TUF A15.

Display Quality:.

Display on the TUF A15 is straight up poor looking, the colours and contrast are way off also when compared to the phone screen and when contrasted to the pantone validated screen in the G14 it is simply no competition.

Colour precision of the A15 is very low on paper but it is not always this negative in real life as companies tweak their displays to look excellent in spite of the poor panels, they use to begin with. However Asus does not appear to have actually done anything to this screen and it looks negative as a result.

G14 has a far better screen covering almost 100% of the sRGB colour range and the tweaks done to the display screen leads to a better display screen top quality as well as a much better viewing experience.

This makes the G14 a better choice for web content designers on the move looking to do colour precise work.

144hz vs 120hz:.

There is no perceivable distinction in between 144hz and also 120hz and also involving the topic of reaction time both have poor reaction times over 20ms and also are not optimal for affordable players.

This is not that huge of bargain for the routine users but for someone originating from a display with lower feedback this could be visible.

Present department also counts a win for the G14.

WINNER: Zephyrus G14.


I consider inputs to be an extremely important part of the laptop as it is the way we interact with a laptop.


First allowed’s speak about the key-board. The Zephyrus G14 and also the TUF A15 both have various feel to their keys and also both of them are excellent in their very own methods as well as I’ll try to describe it as long as I can.

TUF A15 has a full-size key-board for beginners with a number pad. Keys of the A15 feel straight. They don’t have any responsive bump whatsoever and feel straight throughout the means. The key traveling additionally really feels greater when compared to the Zephyrus G14.

Zephyrus G14 has a different layout without the number pad as well as house tricks. Keys of the G14 have a tactile feeling. There is a noticeable tactile bump while pressed which is various from the direct travel of A15. The key travel is respectable at 1.7 mm but the A15 has a little bit higher crucial travel at around 1.8 mm.

As for backlighting goes TUF A15 has a solitary area RGB key-board which is a benefit for the players out there whereas the G14 only has white backlighting with 3 levels of illumination. Both serve their purpose with no issues.

( Older G14 devices had backlighting concerns but the issue has actually been addressed ever since).

TLDR; both keyboards are great as well as you can choose what kind of crucial feel you like. I such as tactile keyboards so my winner is G14 yet it may transform according to your preferences.


G14 has a glass covered trackpad with incorporated left and appropriate click buttons and also the A15 has a plastic trackpad with specialized left and ideal click switches.

Trackpad on the G14 is just straight up far better and also is one of the most effective feeling as well as precise trackpad in any type of windows trackpad whereas the A15 trackpad fades badly in comparison as the plastic surface feels extremely sticky and the tracking likewise struggles with it.

The incorporated left and also ideal click switches in the G14 additionally feel much better than the mushy switches on the TUF A15.

Trackpad on the G14 is simply far better than the one on the TUF A15.

CHAMPION: Zephyrus G14.
G14 has 2 x 0.7 w tweeters as well as 2 x 2.5 w audio speakers in contrast to the TUF A15 with just two audio speakers.

G14’s speakers appear so much better than the TUF A15 to the point where it is not even worth comparing.

G14 has much better quantity, bass, clearness and everything you can think about. TUF A15’s audio speakers are all right on their own when compared to various other video gaming laptops but in contrast with the G14 it is just no competition.

Thanks to the spatial audio from Dolby G14 has one of the very best sounding audio speakers in any type of home windows laptop. The quantity of audio such a tiny laptop computer generates is truly outstanding.

VICTOR: Zephyrus G14.


Battery life is an intriguing discussion as there are different versions with 2 battery sizes in the TUF A15. Several of the more pricey variants of the A15 featured huge 90wh battery cells.

However the variant I checked has just 48wh so expect different results with designs that have 90wh battery.

Zephyrus G14 has the very same 76wh battery all across the board from the base variant to the highest possible end variant.

Zephyrus G14 consistently navigates 8 hrs when charged up to 100% whereas the TUF A15 obtains just around 4 to 4:30 minutes at max.

You can get similar or perhaps much better results with the 90wh version but I can not comment on the same.

The advantage with Asus laptop computers is the truth that you can limit the amount the battery is charged in increments of 60%, 80% and also 100% to maintain the battery wellness later on down the line.

With the designs I have tested the G14 is a clear winner with virtually twice the battery life of TUF A15 however you can get a 90wh model for much better battery life.

CHAMPION: Zephyrus G14.


Allow’s review these two in different areas.


Both the TUF A15 and the Zephyrus G14 featured Ryzen 5 4000 collection processors.

Yet the distinction hinges on the truth that the chip utilized in the G14 is a reduced powered version that is referred to as 4600HS. This suggests that the chip has a max boost of approximately 35watts whereas the A15 uses regular full powered 45watt 4600H which gives a bit better performance around the board.

The lower wattage chip utilized in the G14 is to maintain the thermals in control as the G14 is an extremely tiny laptop.

The GPU on the TUF A15 is a 1650ti contrasted to the vanilla 1650 in the G14. The ti counterpart is overclocked approximately 55watts contrasted to the 50watt one in the G14.

All of the added power incorporated results in 10% efficiency distinction at max.

For context, I evaluated NFS Payback on both systems at the optimum settings and also the average frame rate in the G14 was around 52-58 throughout the tough sequences and also the TUF A15 never dipped below 59fps as well as stayed around 63fps at most times.

So, the performance is much better on the TUF A15 even if not substantial.



Thermals on both the laptop computers are not very good so there is no standard to begin with.

If you require appropriate thermal you need to disable turbo boost on both the laptop computers to prevent the CPU temperatures going above 100 degrees.

All that out of the way the thermals on the TUF A15 are simply negative considering how big and also thick the laptop computer is Asus can have provided better thermals solutions. The version that I tested has actually restricted warmth pipes as well as limited air intakes which cause greater temperatures and thermal throttling.

G14 circumstance is slightly much better at the very least for the base model I have as there are plenty sufficient warmth pipelines to cool off the GTX 1650 and R5 CPU and the air consumptions are additionally respectable adequate to not choke the laptop and also it is additionally assisted by the reality that the G14 has actually ergo lift joint that offers small inclination for air to much better pass through the followers.

All points took into consideration the G14 feels very hot to the touch as a result of the metal keyboard deck and also steel is a far better conductor of heat than plastic and also occasionally this is really uncomfortable while utilizing W-A-S-D secrets to video game. Although the A15 obtains hotter you don’t really feel the warm as much due to the plastic keyboard deck.

G14 has better thermals across the board also without thinking about the reality that it is a 14-inch laptop computer. TUF A15 has disappointing thermals thinking about the truth that Asus might have cooled it far better with the quantity of added surface area it has.

WINNER: Zephyrus G14.

G14 has a finger print sensor integrated into the power button that caches in the finger print while beginning without having to touch the sensor once more and also there is an attribute called ergolift hinge which rises up the laptop computer by order of a couple of millimetres.

This causes far better air flow to the followers, better bass feedback and also better typing angle as a result. It additionally helps in getting rid of display wobble by a little bit.

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You can also open the G14 with one hand however in the A15 you can not.

TUF A15 has an integrated webcam but you do not obtain any kind of with the G14 either inner or external.


so yeah every one of that comparison was a whole lot to take in. Yet at the end of the day what issues is the cost you spend for what you get in return.

You might be overwhelmed by the number of wins that the G14 obtained and also you could pick that over the A15 but you got to bear in mind that you can acquire base model A15 for virtually 30K less than the base model of G14 as well as you can purchase the A15 with practically the very best specs for around the cost of base G14.

You could have all the very best accessories to make up for the negatives A15 has with that said 30K such as a good video gaming computer mouse and some great Bluetooth audio speakers or earphones to replace the negative trackpad and audio speakers.

But the inquiry is need to you. Need to you take the wager and buy the much less great A15 and get the added devices and also utilize them.

On the other side there is probably the most effective pc gaming Ultrabook which you can purchase for an affordable cost considering it is such a thin and also light laptop and it has a better display.

So, let me make it easy if you need the well-rounded bundle opt for the G14 however if things you just appreciate is the performance after that TUF A15 is the far better option for you.

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